Number:Dimensionless in OH4 build 3490

Why do I get “10000 %” for a completely default Number:Dimensionless Item with no metadata in OH 4 build 3490? I’m a little surprised that with everything default that it shows this. The Item was migrated from the earlier builds - is that causing an issue? The Item’s value is 100 which comes from a Zwave battery powered sensor.

label: Water Main Battery
type: Number:Dimensionless
category: battery
  - gIndoor
  - gBatteryLevel
groupType: None
function: null
  - Measurement
  - Level

What’s your state description?

There is no state description. I didn’t have anything there earlier, and the item showed 100%. After the recent snapshot update, it shows the 10000 %. Is a state description now required?

Your screen shot indicates there is.

No, but unit probably is, particularly with Dimensionless given the default unit for Dimensionless is ONE not percent.

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Thanks to you both. One point worth mentioning is that if you set the unit, nothing happens until the next time the Item is updated. There is no immediate effect when changing the unit. Maybe that’s obvious to others, but it wasn’t to me.

Also, I had added a state description as part of the debug process, but then cleared out everything. The ‘State Description’ still appears GUI. The code has:

value: " "
config: {}

Not sure why it shows the " " when I have no fields with values in the GUI.

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