Number:time Item in "s" convert to hh:mm?

Hi all,
i’ve seen several posts where people asked similar questions a while ago.
Back than it was solved either via JS code doing some math div60 calculations to achieve this goal.

Is there today a more direct way featured by OH3.2 itself.

Number:Time UPS_house_runtime "UPS battery runtime [%.0f s]" {networkupstools="house:battery.runtime"}
Text item=UPS_house_runtime label="UPS battery runtime [%.0f min]"

According to the poster this works towards sec to min. But would there be a similar approach to show HH:MM?


You’ll need the transformations that you already found.

OK thanks.
Just curious - (as you know from my other posts, i’m not the expert here)…but why is it possible directly in the label to state a conversion from “seconds” to only-min or only-hours but not hh:min ?

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Simply because no-one has written a formatter to do that. Just like there is no built in formatter to produce a length like “2 feet and 6 inches” from a value 30in.