Numeric Keyboard Project, need help

Hi All i had a small idea in my head maybe someone can help me make it happen

when i was trying to build my own alarm system i got into little jam where i skipped the alarm code pannel
the DIY ideas where too ugly for me , so i don’t have such a number pad where i input my alarm code

i have an idea in my had to use an Ali express numeric keyboard, there are 3 versions of this
cable, 2.4 wireless USB dongle, and BT(which i am sure we all know)
you can find them in many colors many sizes, and very cheap
also some Have LED that can be used for status of the Alram (theoretically )
so i think it will be the perfect device to connect to OH with some binding (if there is such thing)

so…does anyone know of any binding that will help me connect one of the above keyboards?
so i can input the keys? i was thinking on Bluetooth but i asked around in the post of the Bluetooth binding and no answer there, i am trying here
i think allot can use such a touchpad even just to control things around the home


i can see HA has this function but according to one of the user it is not working enymore :slight_smile:

Too many things in HA are not working. :wink:

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Assuming you are running on Linux, the Linux Input Binding should do exactly what you want.

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Thanks i will look into it

Hi when trying to serach for Linux Input Binding
in paperUI, i am not able to find it…

maybe i need OH newer version ? i am on 2.4

is there any CLI way to install this?

It should be available in 2.5.5

Thank you!
also for all the work :slight_smile: