NxPanel - Replacement Firmware for Sonoff NSPanel

Hi Kohrt,
i hope not.
I’m still struggling with a few things. Since I’m still at the beginning and only achieve success through copy & paste, I can’t be of any help.
I’m glad that I managed to solve my problem with flashing the NSPanel, it was probably due to the insertion depth of the ribbon cable and that forced me to change everything to 9600. Now it works.
Now I’ve worked through everything from the manual, but I’m already too stupid to find an error on the openhab page. The transfer of nxpanel_temperatur_command doesn’t work for me. Somehow openhab send nothing.
Actually I just wanted a display with buttons where I use the Tasmota Rules to show some temperatures. Now Openhab must be in between. What the hell, I’ll figure it out sometime… in 100 years…
Best regards

What I have seen is that:

  • Tasmota sits on berry
  • Rules are tasmota
  • Events are tasmota
  • The nxpanel has commands, executable from berry and some of them in tasmota. They must be prepared for tasmota (which the panel driver written in berry does). So using the berry nxpanel driver directly in berry, or using the available tasmota commands in the command line is the best option for me for testing stuff.
  • Openhab just uses the interface and should be the last point to test as there are multiple error possibilities: the panel implementation (without source code), berry panel driver, berry to tasmota communication.

I would suggest you first try the console, you should be able to setup your buttons and temperature (see documentation from @alf - I am not allowed to upload the version 2.9 PDF from him - I am a new user).

  1. Set the start page with your button configuration, which is the first page after the standard page
  2. Set favorite page
  3. Setup rules for temp display for thermostat - I just figured out how to do it with berry.
    Something like this in berry:
def set_fav()
    # for thechanged start page

def set_sensor_temp(current_sensor_temp,b,c)
    log("Update current_sensor_temp "+str(current_sensor_temp))
    # Update your display - for me the thermostat

# System boot/init
tasmota.add_rule("System#Boot", /-> set_fav())

# Internal temp reading
tasmota.add_rule("ANALOG#Temperature1", /a,b,c-> set_sensor_temp(a,b,c))

I am still not 100% sure about all this stuff but at least I can and do share something.

Have a look here: Berry - Tasmota
And here: Tasmota Documentation - Tasmota Look for Scripting-Language and Rules

BTW - I am still looking for a solution to set the target temp with one digit like 23.5°C just in case some of the people with experience or @m-home or @Alf is watching.

All the best,

Sorry, can’t help U here, haven’t played with this particular panel type myself (yet).

I would suggest that you first try to run the below command on the comand line on your openhabian system, just to check if Nxpanel is updated.

mosquitto_pub -u openhabian -P -t cmnd/nspanel_7DD7FC/nxpanel -m '{“summary”: {“title”:“Out 32°C”, “text”:“In 29°C”}} ’

(Replace and ”7DD7FC” with whatever values you got)

This should display the temperatures 32 and 29 on the nxpanel.

Next step is to do the same using OpenHAB. The channel ”nxpanel_temperature_command” does not send anything by itself, its just defining the ”address” to where commands (json strings) will be sent.

You need to setup the rule ”NXPanel Temperature Rule” to automaticallt send values from your temperature items when these change.

Hope this helps you along.

Thanks Alf, so I guess @m-home is the only one who knows if for the target temperature (set) on the thermostat page also numbers with decimal places can be set.
For me it is a surprise that this is not possible and I cannot imagine that others are using it as a thermostat…
So I give a try to Lovelace UI… It needs an external device but at least I know that temperature settings can be done in a precise way.

What have I reached so far:

  • Standalone mode with
    • Weather display
    • Thermostat page (which temperature settings are too imprecise)
    • Thermostat hysteresis control loop

A friend of mine wanted to have a thermostat but at the beginning without openhab or any other external system. So I nearly finished but I cannot install it with this impreciseness.

I am sure as long as one don’t need the thermostat page this nxpanel will do the job.


Thank you Alf
I can display the temperatures with the command from the console, that worked first.
Even the menu with the predefined icons works as described in manual 2.9.
Just not the rest.
I’ve worked through the manual a number of times, point by point… I’ve paid close attention to whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase. The nxpanel_BBAE48 entered as described… but nothing…

What I actually only want to use the NS_Panel for is to display the outside temperature and hot water temperature from my storage tank. I use the two buttons to switch the lighting directly in the garden using the Tasmota Rule.
I had hoped that you could send temperatures directly to the display without OpenHAB. Stop without Openhab, directly from the Easy ESP or Tasmota ESP with temperature sensor… I don’t need the menu function in the NS panel at all. Should only be a display of temperatures that are important to me and that I have recorded myself. The clock works at least…

Well, nxpanel does not really care about what is sending the commands. Anything that ”talks MQTT” would be able to send the temperature just in the same way as the command line command does, it is one-way information transfer, so no need to bother about responses either.

But this thread is about Nxpanel in conjunction with OpenHAB, so if you want to do something outside of this, I cannot help. But be free to steal ideas and principles from the doc :slight_smile:

Well, it is already clear to me that I would have to go a different way for my plan to display it on the display without OpenHAB. It’s not that I don’t want to use OpenHAB at all, it’s just that it takes so much effort to use it.
I use Openhab to visualize my own measurements and it works quite well. Little typing was required for this.
With the NSPanel, the effort is too high for me to output a few data.
I just found it chic to be able to read the outside temperature and hot water temperature in the living room and switch on the light in the garden without having to lay cables. What I find so critical is having everything running through Openhab and when the Raspberry dies nothing works.
Well, maybe Openhab and I will find a way after all…