OAuth clientid/secret

I wrote a simple fitbit app to view state/turn on/turn off lights. Here is the source https://github.com/BioSLuDge/openhab.fitbit.

Their documentation doesn’t explicitly say it but I was unable to get Basic Auth to work but I was able to get OAuth to work using my own openhab-cloud instance. From the looks of it, I am not the only developer unable to get basic auth to work.

Now that the app is at a good place for a first release I would like to release it on the fitbit store, for free, but I think that only makes sense if it can authenticate with myopenhab. I’m wondering who I should talk to about getting a clientid/secret for use with my app?

@kai, who is the best person to contact about authenticating with myopenhab.org using OAuth?

Quite interested in this has there been any update?

I think the right person is @digitaldan. If not him I’m sure he will know who to contact.

We do support oauth for a few official apps (ifttt, alexa, google home), I would just need to know more about it. Also that author has not updated the app in 9 months, so I don’t know if this is being maintained or not.

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Hi @digitaldan,
I’m just trying to make my tasks safer in Tasker (Android) and I came across Autoweb. Autoweb can of course also the Basic Authentication, but also Oauth. For security reasons I would of course like to use Oauth, is that possible? Or what other option is there not to transfer the password in plain text?