OAuth2 for 3rd party devices - Siemens Dishwasher


imagine there is already kind of OAuth2 implanted to OpenHab 2 runtime?
I like to manage/monitor my newly owned Siemens Dishwasher while I require to create an access token to be capable to do so.


Nope. There are bindings that use OAuth2 to connect to their respective services but there is no generic support for OAuth2. You will need to implement that outside of OH or write a binding.

There are a few related discussions here:

The major issue about OAuth2 is that it requires a url to a publicly available server as a callback address.
So in order to support this, we would probably have to build it into openhab-cloud, which would then become an essential part for any openHAB installation that uses a binding that uses OAuth2 support.

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I trust most of us won’t like to use openhab-cloud as mandatory service. I honestly don’t like to use any public cloud service for privacy purposes (like smart home control) unless i setup that one at home for private purposes!

It’s a limitation of OAuth2 and not something we can change. If the service you want requires you to use requires OAuth2, it would have to go through myopenhab.org. if I read the above there is nothing we can do to change that.

Of course, if it requires OAuth2, you are already dealing with a cloud service.

Please don’t mix up openhab-cloud and myopenhab.org. I was saying that we would have to build in something in openhab-cloud and you can host this on your private server. The OAuth2 callback url should be configurable, so we can default it to myopenhab.org, but if you host a private instance, you could fill in your personal url.