OBD2 dongles to integrate into openHAB

There was some time ago some threads on “Connected Cars” and stuff.
I’m wondering, if anyone has managed to integrate data from ODB II dongles into openHAB?

I’m thinking of placing some ESP8266/ESP32 in the garage (or the car, if they’re not too energy-hungry) and reading some Bluetooth ODB2 - like EM327-based - and MQTTing the interesting data into openHAB. But perhaps there’s another simpler solution already in place or someone can point me to a good tutorial?

My primary use case is to read-out the SoC of my EV in real time, so I can use it to trigger charging it accordingly.

I would also be interested in this possibility.
Install an ESP32 in your car, be able to read the car’s data,
and have them available on OH4,
either directly by connecting a serial port to the OBD adapter
or with a connection via WiFi/BT between the adapter and ESP, thanks

I wasn’t successful. I tried some and failed:

most of that projects did stall sometime and seem abandoned.

or ready-built stuff like https://www.openvehicles.com/ but all did not fly for my requirements. So I did not further investigate.

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hi, just a note, its not ODB its OBD, maybe you should rename your topic, if people will search for openhab + obd in the future

thanks for the heads-up. tpyo fixed.

A point I had issue with the Bluetooth OBD device was that driving my old Ford Fiesta with the device active (It was logging data to a laptop at the time with FORScan) it caused the engine to misfire quite regularly, I changed to a Wifi one but it still did it, just less often.