Occasional hangs - UI and console super slow, bindings not responding

  • Platform information: Orange Pi Zero 512MB RAM
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage
    • OS: ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i
    • Java Runtime Environment:
      java version “1.8.0_191”
      Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12)
      Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode)
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0 release
  • Issue of the topic:
    Today this happened for the 3rd time since I’ve updated to 2.4.0:
    I come home finding no items respond to anything, no data from sensors has been logged to persistence for hours.
    However the openHAB iOS App, my Node-RED Homekit items, and Habpanel on my wall tablets all respond, albeit sluggishly.
    Accessing the server is super slow, logging into the console takes several minutes and i’ve not been able to get to see log output so far.

On logging in via SSH, the Orange Pi tells me about 72% of RAM are in use, and load is .93 - that RAM figure is only minimally higher than normal, though system load would usually be closer to .4

Is anyone else having this kind of issue?

Run top to see what processes are using the most CPU.

Sluggishness is usually either due to RAM shortage or SD card problems.
Various tools report different amounts of RAM, and some are misleading.
Given my OH uses ~494MB of resident RAM, you are likely to be running very much on the edge so you have been lucky you weren’t hit by that 512 MB limitation earlier. But now with 2.4 you probably were.
I suggest moving to a ‘real’ Pi which has 1GB. You won’t get happy with that HW in the long run.

Well I’m starting to notice that updating OH in general seems to just be asking for trouble. Anyway I’ll keep an eye on the memory then, it’s odd that it works fine for several days to a week before suddenly needing too much RAM.
Also it confuses me while the most basic part (items updating) fails completely while UIs still work somewhat. And mosquitto and node-red on the same machine work just fine. Weird