Odd issue with Zwave, wondering if I am the only one

So I was one that was bit by the Milestone release and getting stuck back. Decided to fix that last night and jumped up to the latest snapshot. After I did that, none of my Zwave devices would come out of “Uninitialized”. Decided to let it ride overnight and hopefully things would come back to life, but they didn’t.

This morning I woke up and nothing was working(obviously), so I put the zwave binding into debug mode, stopped OH and cleared tmp and cache then restarted. Odd thing is it seems as though devices were sending data back, but nothing I did in ClassicUI(or basic) had any effect at all. Habmin had all the devices still in uninitialized.

I decided to reboot and pull the stick to see if I could get things back to good and I couldn’t. Went back to a 2.3 build that I was using before and things seem fine. Just for a sanity check I did and apt update/upgrade again on OH and once again broke entirely.

So now I’m stuck in 2.3 land, and can’t really figure out what needs to happen to allow me to continue on the snapshots. Any ideas?

If you are able to change between the snapshot and then back to 2.3 without any changes to your configuration, then I’m guessing you missed this post -:

In here you will see that you need to remove all ZWave things when changing between versions, so I’m guessing you have not done this?

Yup, that’s something I missed. I’ll need to wait on that until I have a free few days. 95 Devices won’t make that any fun at all, haha.

Thanks for the update, and pointing me in the right direction!

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