Odroid M1s $59 for 8g ram, USB3, NVMe, includes case and power supply

Is anyone using this that can report that it is working well?
The price is great especially since the NVME slot is included and does not need a hat to gain the slot and the price includes the case, embedded storage, heatsink and power supply.

Product details are here:

Armbian OS images are marked as stable and mature: edit: looks like the m1 is not fully compatible with M1s due to bootloader differences so may have to wait till armbian releases a newer image or use the Ubuntu image that has a 6.1 kernal which will work.

Armbian is very easy to install openHAB 4.x onto by following these steps:

Seems to be a nice piece of hardware.
But as always with Hardkernel Odroid: What’s with the OS?

i.e.: I own an Odroid U3 and it’s stuck at debian jessie(!).

No idea as I don’t work for them, guess they concentrate on hardware and let other people do the OS. I use armbian on odroid hardware N2+ here and it is up to date 6.1 LTS kernal used. Linked to where you can get Armbian in my last post. Do they make an image for your board?

No, U3 is very old :slight_smile: my best guess is that I bought it in 2010 (but not sure about the date).

But it seems there are some other out there also still using the U3…
I will have to check a very recent bookworm image soon :slight_smile: