Oekofen Pellematic: Control via JSON API

With the latest oekofen touch software > 2.09 the pellematic can now also be assessed via JSON requests instead of parsing the web ui.

Thx to Peter. He implemented a python script that fetches data from pellematic via JSON Ökofen Pelletronic Touch V2.09 mit JSON.

Is anybody interested in an integrated Oekofen binding.

I currently have two-stage solution:
Python script continuously fetched data from oekofen and syncs it to openhab via rest api.

Not really nice and setting values is also not working that would be supported by JSON.

Looking forward to your comments.

Hi ruebox,

I would also like to try the integration of the oekofen thing into Openhab. At the moment our touch interface has still version 2. Do you know if an update would be possible easily or is an hardware upgrade also required? I remembered something like that…

Thanks. Best regards, Christian

Dear Ruebox
I saw your question here. Actually I would be very much interested in an integration of the latest Oekofen Software to OpenHAB.
We do have Oekofen Version 3.00a running. And the whole building is equipped with KNX-EIB equipment and some Sonos units. We do have a development department in Lisbon, so maybe we can cooperate here. Are you interested in continuing or do you have some new versions already.
I hope to hear from you.

Hi All, I’m also very interested in an integration of Okofen to Openhab. im also on version 3.00a.

best regards,

Anyone got a clue?

You can also do it with the HTTP Binding, then use json path to get the values.

Hi there,

time is running … I took some days and implemented a basic version of a Openhab 3 addon to connect to oekofen pellematic via Json.

It would provide a beta version the next days … please stay patient :wink:


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i know that’s already 9monthes last post.
I just acquired an oekofen pellematic and using openhab, i am interested in this addon.
Did you progress on this addon? Is there possibilities to send command to the boiler through it ?