Off-the-shelf air quality monitoring, JQ-200

I’m looking for a reasonably priced (inside) air quality sensor WiFi device that is available off the shelf.
It should do CO2 and/or (T)VOC and ideally also PM (2.5 at least).
There’s some DIY projects available but DIY is a no-go for the user group/use case this is targeting
(think of an application as a fresh air warner in a classroom).
The USB stick I’ve been successfully using the past years seems to be no longer on sale.
There’s some devices in the 200+ € range such as the Airthings Wave or Edimax ai-2002/3/4w
but that’s way atop budget. Some 50€ would be okay.

I’ve come across cheap devices called JQ-200 available on ali etc that essentially can do all of this and have WiFi, unfortunately app-only and based on some enforced whacky Chinese cloud.
There’s some works to flash Tasmota on and a Home Assistant integration with their cloud based on rev engineering.

Has anyone tried this with openHAB ?

Any other off-the-shelf suggestion ?

depending on the class, it would be a nice project to DIY that (sorry for german)

apart from that, I would be interested in one off-the-shelf, too… :wink:

take a look on netatmo: it measures co2, noise level, air quality temperature and humidity.

you need to buy once a base station (>100 euro) and then you can buy additional modules for something around 60 euro each.
sometimes you get good bundles - e.g. base station + 2 additional modules for 200 euro.

it has integration with openHAB, homekit, alexa

I have the kaiterra laser egg which is wifi equipped, it works fine. I have had it monitoring the air quality inn my unheated but dusty workshop for more than a year now, holding up well.

The binding does however rely on a cloud connection, so if that is a deal breaker then this recommendation does not really work…