Official Alexa Smart Home Skill for openHAB 2

Hi everybody,

I have a short question regarding the update / deletion of selected items from myopenhab.

  1. Is it possible to delete selected items from myopenhab? I just found “Delete Items and Events” which is deleting all items from my understanding. What is the proper way to delete single items?
  2. I added items to the config

    but not all of them are shown in myopenhab, even after using these items. Any hints why they are not shown in myopenhab? Interesting point is, that they are discovered by Alexa Skill?
  3. Using Alexa is a very powerful tool I really appreciate. But the question is as well here, how to update the items for the skill? After changing the item name, I have now both items (Eg. Leseecke --> Licht_Leseecke) in Alexa which is a bit confusing. How can I remove the old outdated items from Alexa Skill? without deleting every single item in the app?


These can be delete from Alexa. How it is done depends on whether you are using the Alexa website or the app on your phone or tablet.

HI all, I apologize for the lack of communication to the community. We have been going back and forth with the Amazon team who reviews Home Skill apps. Each language has its own reviewer, and we have been rejected for subtle language issues on a few languages. Each time we are rejected we go back into a queue , and it can be weeks until we get feedback. Our last submission was on December 30th and we are waiting to hear if this has passed or not. I hope this is the last submission, but we will see…


Hi James (@jjennings308),

thanks for your reply, deleting from Alexa APP was clear to me. Do you have any idea regarding my questions? If I can trigger that in myopenhab or if I have to choose always the way with the Alexa App,…?


I have only been able to do it from the Alexa App.

Hi Dan. If OpenHab community need help from Italy… We are here!

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Hello Dan,
I’m available to help the community for italian language.
Thank you very much for your job!

Hello Dan.

If you need help in Spanish contact me.

Thank you very much for your efforts.

Does a custom skill need to be created under the same Amazon account the Echo devices are associated with?

The skill will only be available to the “developer” account. I am using a custom skill and that is the downside.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Hi zolakk

Seeing as you run the same setup as me wonderinfg if you know whats occured. I had a Amazon US account and converted to AU. It said it would break my account linking and id need to reset my Echo devices.

I did all of this.

I can see my openhab-development skill inside the Alexa App and it links successfully, but it discovers no devices.

My tags are correct because NOTHING on OH2 has changed.

Any thoughts as to why I cant see any of my tagged devices? I recreated the skill and relinked. Same issue

I had a look in the Lambda Cloud Watch logs and I can see it sees my items and their tags just fine. Here is some of the output:

 { "actions": [ "turnOn", "turnOff" ], "applianceTypes": [ "LIGHT" ], "applianceId": "gInsideLights", "manufacturerName": "openHAB", "modelName": "Lighting", "version": "2", "friendlyName": "Inside Lights", "friendlyDescription": "Group gInsideLights Lighting via openHAB", "isReachable": true, "additionalApplianceDetails": { "itemType": "Group", "itemTag": "Lighting", "openhabVersion": "2" } }, { "actions": [ "incrementPercentage", "decrementPercentage", "setPercentage", "turnOn", "turnOff" ], "applianceTypes": [ "LIGHT" ], "applianceId": "LivingRoomDim1", "manufacturerName": "openHAB", "modelName": "Lighting", "version": "2", "friendlyName": "Living Room", "friendlyDescription": "Dimmer LivingRoomDim1 Lighting via openHAB", "isReachable": true, "additionalApplianceDetails": { "itemType": "Dimmer", "itemTag": "Lighting", "openhabVersion": "2"

But in the App I see no devices other than my Echos

That’s really strange. It looks like the OH -> Alexa skill communication is working fine based on the lambda cloud watch logs you saw. It’s like the skill to alexa account part isn’t working properly. I would try killing the skill, making sure it’s not still in your alexa list of developer skills and trying to redo it again. Not sure what else to look at, unfortunately.

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Ive tried that. Ill try deleting everything :confused:

Fixed it… No one or anywhere that I could find mentions you need to setup your lambda in Oregon! not Virginia!!!

Working now ! FMD.

Just saw your private message. Looks like you are all set :slight_smile:

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8hrs of work! Even setup a new AWS account. I can set it up with my eyes closed now :smiley:

Is moving to V3 a process of changing the payload in the skill and then modifying the tags only?

Yeah, I think so. Assuming you are you using the skill from the v3 branch in github. I set mine up that way from the start because it’s backwards compatible with the old version of the tags too

Hi zolakk

OK so the lambda doesnt need to be changed, only a very small change to the payload. Seems too easy ha!

I haven’t used V3 myself yet. It will be a great help if you can post your experience here, once you get it right.