Official Alexa Smart Home Skill

Hi all,

the Alexa Skill i not working for me, displays the item correctly
In the AlexaApp device is found

Switch light_EG_Kueche_Schrank “kitchen hanging cabinet” (All_Licht) [“Lighting”] {knx = “x / x / x”}

If I ask Alexa to turn on the light I get the following answer - “The hub with which the device is connected does not react - Der Hub mit dem das Gerät verbunden ist reagiert nicht”

Hm, this message is usually triggerd if you are using the HueEmulation Binding and there is no OpenHab server available with this binding. Did you delete the devices within the alexa app and have it collected newly ? I’d assume it still uses the devices it had found using the HueEmulation Binding.

Just a wild guess.