Official widget code mods

Hello fellows,
In those days I’m extending my orizons learning a little bit of angularjs.
I’m actually able to create a simple template widget from the scratches for habpanel but often I will modify an existent official widget to have the best. Is it possible to manage it like the custom one’s and modify or clone the source code?

No, it’s not possible. Built-in widgets’ code cannot be reused in templates. You can include some built-in widgets in your template though (there are examples in other threads).

I think it’d be good to have them somewhat documented, so we could reuse them in templates or in custom widgets :slight_smile:

Indeed the “comunity” documentation is only on these Thread

How can I implement the cool stuff I ve in mind if cannot learn from official examples?

Well, I’ve been meaning to write something up, but these things take time… :disappointed:

Greetings to all!
If you had standard widget files from the hubpanel supply, so that you could import and use as an example, it would be just fine! Is it possible?
Thank you!

YSC, are possible onlyto paste and copy the officials code on the forum as reference for who wants to learn?

You can find the templates for the built-in widgets in the source code (widget.tpl.html files):

However, they won’t work as-is without the Javascript controller associated with them.