Offline build on command line

Hi everyone,

Is it possible possible to build openHAB offline ?
I see that maven retrieves plugins on distant p2 that are buile locally.



Of course it is!
there is just 1 probem… RTFM!

:smile: It is really not hard to build openHAB for offline use.
Download openHAB, openHAB addons and go for it.

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It seems to me that the OP is asking how to compile (“build”, verb rather than noun) the Java source code artifacts with Maven without being connected to the network. Normally, Maven will attempt to download dependencies from remote repositories if they aren’t in the local cache. In other words, the OP doesn’t appear to be asking how to install openHAB to run offline.

@BrutalBirdie : I don’t want to run openhab offline. I know how to do it as I work with openHAB for more than a year. All I want is to limit impacts of source updates and artifacts update in order to build against a stable branch, the 2.1.0

@steve1 : I know that maven needs to download artifacts in order to populate the local maven repositoryon the first time compilation.
What I want is to be able to recompile over and over again without downloading artifacts that are ialready in the local maven repo.

Oh Okay then I misunderstood you. Sorry for that