Offline data

I’m looking for a way to push offline data into openhab2 when internet access is available via iPhone hotspot.

I.e. remote chicken coop, statistical data (temperature humidity lux)

Where is the data normally available?
Where will the offline data be located and in what format?

Data isn’t currently available, but I’m looking to add this to openhab, preferably I’d like to see trend graphs rrd/MySQL

Just wondering if it was possible to send openhab data with a timestamp and have it inject into the sustem as if it was normal data

This will be at my wife’s school so she will be there for 8 hours however no access to school WiFi

Can the device publishing the data access a service like Then it could publish the data to the cloud and your OH can subscribe from the cloud and you can get your data whether the phone is there or not.

To answer your asked question though, the only way I know to do this through OH itself is through it’s REST API. If you store up the values and timestamps you can ue the persistence end point put publish them and OH will save them to the DB. I’m not sure how well that will work with a DB like rrd4j which messes with the data as it ages but with MySQL or InfluxDB or the like it should work just fine.

But it is up to you to figure out how to store up the values when the phone isn’t present and push the old values out when it becomes available.

unfortunately they have a system that requires you login to use the internet then it times out after a short while, otherwise i would just push to mqtt

but thank you ill look further into pushing to the rest api

I would use node-red