OH 2.4 M4 / M5 rule execution stops


for some days I did the update from OH 2.3 to OH 2.4 M4, later M5.

After some testing I noticed, that every time I change something in a rule (doesn´t matter which rule and what), the system becomes very slow and stops executing rules in total after 2-3 hours.

No error logs are shown.

After a service restart, it works again - until the next change of a rule. This is not very practicable to me, especially if you want to work on rules.

Did anyone noticed that behavior, too?

As far as I know, downgrade to OH 2.3 stable is possible, but not the best way to proceed. Are there any information regarding my problem (and maybe, estimated date of next M Update).



You pretty likely have an error in your rule that breaks execution if specific conditions apply.
Equip your rule with logDebug() outputs to find out what’s causing this and don’t forget to enable proper logging to get output.

No, as I wrote before: Doesn´t matter, which rule gets some changes, also it doesn´t matter what I changed.

Very strange - I will try to go back to OH 2.3 .

If it was a general problem with 2.4 many people would have reported this so it isn’t.

You also mustn’t change (write to) rules files too fast, this is causing a recompile every time.
Particularly bad if using Samba and/or even VS code extensions.Takes up to a couple of minutes for each save-to-file in some cases (on RPi), and these don’t replace each other but queue up so the more you change the worse things get.
You did not mention which HW you’re on ? On Pis, it could also be a sign of a dying SD card.

How are you changing the rules?

Rule modification was done on different ways. Nano editor or Visual Studio Code.
What I can see, that the language server on openhab doesn´t work the same way in OH 2.4 than in OH 2.3.
I did the downgrade to OH2.3 and for the moment all is running well.


Same problem here

Dear all,

I also updated to OH2.4 just some days ago, and since then my rule that controles Comfoair isn’t working precisely anymore. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
Before the update I didn’t recognise such a behaving


@smhaller this is useless input and likely the wrong thread if you want someone to help.
May I remind you of #3, #6, #8, #9, #11 of

Hi Markus

Useless… ok.
I just wanted to point out that there are indeed some issues with rules processing since OH 2.4 but no clear indication why.

And btw: There are other posts on the forum indicating a different behaving since update to 2.4.


Can just guess on reasons but you (and @Sebastian_Zimmermann) might be running out of threads.
Check if you’re using Thread::sleep() or anything else to block threads such as exec with timeouts and rework your rules to get along without.

See this thread and others: