OH 2.5.10 Docker Conf Reloading

Hi all,

I’m converting my OH project to docker. However the auto reload feature doesn’t seem to work.
Is this normal for docker or ? Also is it me or is there not a lot of forum post about docker ?

My host is windows 10 as development and im working on OH 2.5.10, also tested it with 2.3.0, same problem.

Hi Willem,

i’m running several OH container (2.5.10, 3.0.0.M1, and a 2.5.9 as backup) on docker on my Synology NAS. Each of them with their own persitent volumes for ‘conf’ and ‘userdata’.

I’m not sure though what you mean when you say “auto reload”? Can you explain that a bit more?
The Synology has a checkbox on creation to auto restart a container e.g. after power loss or a fault in the container which works for me.


Hi Raven,

With “auto reload” I ment that when I change the configs of an item or a thing, i need to restart the container for the settings to be active.

On a normal linux as a service, it just auto reload/auto update changes instant without needing a reboot.
Seems like a docker on windows issue I think

hmm my knowledge about docker is limited and i never used docker on W10, so maybe it really is a problem there.

whenever i change an item inside the persisted volumes i can instantly see the update in the logs - as you said you have seen on a linux docker…

sorry i couldn’t help more

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I can’t say for sure but I bet it’s because of Windows. openHAB subscribes to file events from the operating system in order to know when a file has changed. Since Window’s file system is so radically different from those on Linux, I bet the events get lost in the layer between Windows and Docker.

I can confirm that when running OH in Docker on Linux the changes to files are instantly loaded.