OH 2.5 install help

Hi everyone,
Trying to install 2.5 with openhabian img (forgot its always installing newest version)
I’ve read alot of documents and threads nothing helped me figure out my concerns.
(Some thing abot clonning?)
How can I install on sd card (rpi4) OH 2.5

I really want to take next step and install oh 3
But I used to know all the VS CODE coding. mqtt biding for Broadlink and edit the sitemap as I know in Vs code…
Can I implement all this at oh 3?


Do you think that there is enough docs and knowledge here? to make that happen because right now I really see it complicated.


I moved to OH 3 right now trying to add Broadlink thing (rm mini) I getting error conflict

Tried to google it . Didnt found much

Help please …