OH 2.5 with weather1 binding, free weather providers with 4 days forecast?

Hello folks,

it’s been a long time since my last topic, everything was running for years without any problems.

So, no need to upgrade…

Still on OH2.5 and using weather1 binding.

As you may have recognized, DarkSky (aka ForecastIo) has been sold to Apple.

The service quit on 31th March 2023.

My question:

What weather provider(s) has/have a FREE api with a minimum forecast of (3 or) 4 days?

  • OpenWeatherMap
  • WorldWeatherOnline
  • Hamweather
  • MeteoBlue
  • ApiXU
  • Weatherbit

Many thanks for any hint… :slight_smile:

OpenWeatherMap does but I don’t know when the add-on added support for the one call API. If that was added after OH 2.5 the forecast needs to be assembled from a bunch of hourly forecast channels (IIRC). The one call api call though gives you up to five days forecast (in addition to the hourly forecasts).

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Thanks a lot.

I also use the OpenWeatherMap 2.5 binding, but only for “current values”. I did not try the same api key with weather1 binding, but I’m going to try it. Maybe it’s also running…

From the bindings docs at openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.openweathermap at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub :

New Subscribers to the One Call API will require setting the API version to 3.0 (The API key will not work with 2.5). Existing subscribers can continue to use their existing API key with version 2.5.

One Call API Version 3.0 requires payment details for future forecast information. However, it is possible to set a daily API call limit to 1000, which will avoid charges.

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Thanks a lot.

I will try an other one, because @Wolfgang_S is right:

18:37:44.025 [ERROR] [rnal.provider.AbstractWeatherProvider] - OPENWEATHERMAP[home]: Can't retrieve weather data: Invalid API key. Please see https://openweathermap.org/faq#error401 for more info.
18:37:44.028 [WARN ] [weather.internal.bus.WeatherPublisher] - Weather forecast day 0 not available for locationId 'home', only 0 available

18:40:48.425 [WARN ] [her.internal.gfx.WeatherTokenResolver] - Weather forecast day 0 not available, only 0 available
18:40:48.428 [WARN ] [her.internal.gfx.WeatherTokenResolver] - Weather forecast day 1 not available, only 0 available
18:40:48.431 [WARN ] [her.internal.gfx.WeatherTokenResolver] - Weather forecast day 2 not available, only 0 available
18:40:48.434 [WARN ] [her.internal.gfx.WeatherTokenResolver] - Weather forecast day 3 not available, only 0 available

I guess this could be my solution:

I’ve signed up and got an api key.

I’m going to try it out in about 5 hours (after work)…

Back @Home

I’ve tried the Weatherbit Api:


It is running again! :grinning:

I just noticed today that my forecast Items did not get updted for week.
Even though I new this would happened. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Celaeno1 for pointing me in the right direction to solve this.

For everybody else how wants to know what to do (and how easy it is):

  1. Create an account at https://www.weatherbit.io/
  2. Wait 15-30 minutes until your API key is activated/provisioned.
  3. Edit your services\weather.cfg
    3.1. Delete apikey.ForecastIo=xxxxx
    3.2 Add apikey.Weatherbit=xxxx
    3.3 change location.home2.provider=ForecastIo tp location.home2.provider=Weatherbit
    3.4 Set location.home2.updateInterval=30 or higher, because the free APi only allows 50 calls per day

The rest of your configuration can be left untouched.
The values or your existing items should be updated automatically the next time the bindig calls the weather service.

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