OH 3.0.0.m2 Echo control "Simon says"?

I am just trying Text to speech for the Echo control binding. When sending a command to the ‘textToSpeech’ channel, she complains about the “Simon says” skill.
So tried to install the the “Simon says” skill, but a search returned over 22000 results, which is not very helpful.

Any suggestions ?

Note: The ‘sendMessage’ works as expected.

What dou you mean with


Is a skill called simon says enabled (see skills in the alexa app)? Did you try to disable it?

Before I switched to google home I had no issues with TTS on alexa. Never heard of such a problem:/

I was looking for a skill with that name, because it was not installed. Due to the fact that a search for the skill returned more than 20k options, it was unclear what to install.
Strangely my test message (configured in a rule and triggered by a button) worked this morning (without any change and/or restart)
Then I changed the message to something else (longer, approx. 3 lines of text) and the same error again.
Changed back the message to the original text, it worked. Than only changed the last part of the message text and it still worked.

At this moment I cannot grasp the logic behind it. To be continued.

There is no skill required for the TTS.

Can you show us your item definition and rule?

The rule is very basic:

rule "rule zolderMsg"
	Item vSwitchZolderMsg received update
	Echo_zolder_Announcement.sendCommand( 'The washing machine is finished' );

Strangely it now works without problems, also when changing the text. Maybe it was a problem at Amazon side when I was testing it.