OH 3.3.0 install /kar/openhab-addons-3.3.0: invalid distance code

  • Platform information: Raspberry Pi
    • Hardware: arm
    • OS: stretch
    • Java Runtime Environment:11
    • openHAB version: 3.3

Hi. I installed OH 3.3 on my old OH 2 Pi and get this error when it tries to extract the kar file.
I downloaded the kar file again but still get this error.

I can not install any addons at this point.

stretch is outdated :wink: maybe consider to use bullseye instead, or simply use the current openHABian image.

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Hi. I know it is outdated. The Pi does a lot more than just run OH. I did what I told myself never to do and that was run an apt-get upgrade on the Pi that was running 100%. It broke OH and when I tried to reinstall OH I found that version 2 was no longer on the repos so I was forced to upgrade OH to version 3
It will take me days to upgrade the OS and install all the software again. The OS version does what I need it to do. If it is not broken don’t fix it I always say. So are you saying that OH will only run on the latest versions of the OS?

Check /var/lib/apt ( I do not remember exactly the path) to see if the old .deb packages still is on the system.
That said, I see a upgrade in both hw and sw in your future :slight_smile:

OH2 is still in the repo. openhabian-config still supports to install OH2.

OK so OH3 is working now. Can I unzip those files on my PC and copy them manually to that folder?
At this point in my life, I have other things to do than upgrade a RaspberryPi for OH.