OH 3 and Mobotix T24 IP-Camera


I have installed OH3 on a Ubuntu server and would like to show my video stream from the Mobotix T24 doorbell on my screen. Is there someone who could explain how to set this up?
Via the webbrowser I can request the stream with http://lgin:pass@IP/record/current.jpg
I already have installed the ip-camera binding but don’t know how to configure the .things and wich object i need to use in the GUI to show the camera picture.

I Use the main GUI (cell’s, card’s,…) and not the sitemap GUI interface.

many thanks!

@matt1: Hi Matthew, could you help me with this topic?

i don´t know how it is to be done in oh3, i just can show you how i connect my mobotix cameras (even a t24) and show the video in sitemap. hopefully this may help:

Video url="http://user_in_mobotix:password_of_this_user@ip_adress_of_camera/control/faststream.jpg?stream=full&previewquality=10" encoding="mjpeg"

you even can try this when copying the http… in a webbrowser

Hi Bastler,

Yes this is how you can do it in OH2 but how to do it in OH3 and the MainUI?

sorry, i feared that you know this already…
till now i did not check out oh3 so i have no more idea

The way to get help is open a topic that reflects what your asking, people without a mobotix camera will probably ignore this thread.

You need to ask if someone can share working yaml code or a fully done widget for showing a camera.

I do not do this as I use chromecast and home hubs to display the cameras. I don’t want a camera steaming non stop on a wall mounted tablet.

The other thing you can do is create a bounty for a widget if you can’t do it yourself.