OH 3 - Homematic & Homegear - Event changes seen in homegear are not automatically processed in OH3

Hey there,

I have installed OH3 using Openhabian and added Homegear. Then I have restored homegear /etc/homegear and db.sql and added the homematic binding to OH3.

The gateway and all devices were recognised in OH3.

The problem I have now is that state changes (e.g. window sensor from closed to open) are visible in the homegear log but not automatically appearing in the events.log in OH3. When I open the particular item sensor in OH3 UI and then click on channel links, then just press “save”, the event is picked up immediately and the state “open” is visible (and vice versa if I close the window again I have to again click on save so the state is updated).

The entry in the events.log is:
2020-12-29 14:49:10.881 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘MEQ1142289BuroFenster_State’ changed from CLOSED to OPEN

But as said, it is only triggered thru the manual opening of the channel link and click ‘save’.

Any ideas?

I see the same behavier with my setup (OH3, RPI4, CCU3) for motion sensors. No updates for motion detected or illumination after initial setup or OH reboot. But all components are shown as online.

Solution at the end was to remove channels, delete things, scan and add the devices freshly again. This has resulted in events getting properly processed.