OH 3 on Raspberry PI How to find IP Address for putty

Migration didn’t work for me. So I tried a new hassle-free OH 3.0 installation.
My raspberry is connected through ethernet.
http://openhabiandevice:8080 works to access openhab.
But I can’t find the IP adress to access openhabian through putty. I locked in the router, but there is no new connection and nothing related to openhab or rasperry.
Any idea how to get the IP of the raspberry?

  • ping openhabiandevice
  • nslookup openhabiandevice
  • arp
  • nmap ( this is a network scanner which is available for windows and linux )

When http://openhabiandevice:8080 works to get access, you can simply use

ssh openhabian@openhabiandevice to get access to the console. You don’t need to write down the IP of the Pi :slight_smile:

I guess you use your Raspberry Pi with DHCP? Otherwise you would have typed in a static IP address as part of the installation.

Routers normally reserve the IP address for a configurable amount of time, to give the device the same address when it asks for it’s IP address next time via DHCP. In my Fritz!Box this is 10 days. The network interface is usually identified through the MAC address of the LAN interface, i.e. by hardware.

So if you install a new OS/distribution/image, the MAC address doesn’t change. From the point of the router, your device didn’t change at all. If your device was called, let’s say ‘peter’, and have used that name for network resolution, it will still be ‘peter’ after a new installation. This should explain the fact, that there was not new name or connection to be seen in your router.

The simple answer is: use openhabiandevice (the hostname which gets translated automatically to the IP) instead of the IP in putty.

Thank you for the help. All worked.
Finally I found the IP in the router. The name of my raspberry there is: dhcpcd-8.1.2-armv7l
Really weird and unexpected.