OH 3 Openweather widget on Habpanel


I try to get an open weather widget running on my habpanel.

In OH2 this worked fine but under v3 I can’t get configured.

The binding works, but I get no data in my widget.

I run OH3 in a Qnap container.

Question: I tried also to install OH2.5.1 in a Qnap container, still stuck after installation.

Many thanks to all

If Binding is working but you don’t see anything in the widget, than you are skipping things and items, that exists between binding and widget.

What about their status? Do the items have a valid state? Is there any error in the log?

Just saying, that something is not working without sharing details, will not bring anyone into the position to help.

what data you need ? I´m new to OH3 I used the last years OH2 without issues.

The items form the widget pack having an invalid status

I used this guide GitHub - BasvanH/habpanel-widget-openweathermap: OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel (OpenHAB)

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