OH 3 Sitemap not updating anymore

Hey Guys,

after the switch to OH3 my home.sitemap does not update. i added a few duplicate groups and i can’t see any updates in my Sitemap ?

Group item=iOS_Group            label="iCloud"
Group item=iOS_Group            label="iCloud"
Group item=iOS_Group            label="iCloud"
Group item=iOS_Group            label="iCloud"

log says something with “giCloud” but i dont have “giCloud” anymore ?

i already restarted OH and clean cache, problem still exists

Do you use file based item definitions? You may want to do a search over all files in that case.

When I saw messages like these I was 100% sure I cleaned up everything but in the end I found typos in the item files somewhere.

yes, its a fresh upgrade from 2.5 to OH 3 where everthing worked, nothing changed so far.
i noticed, in OH3 i can’t see changes i made in my .items files in general?

Also if i create a new Sitemap i can’t see it in this “overview” of all sitemaps. (not found)

I see the list of available sitemaps with
When I place a new sitemap file into the folder and refresh the page it is shown.

Changing items in the files needs a refresh of your browser page, but they are updated on-the-fly, just like in 2.5x. Just did a test adding another item into a file and it was shown in administration, settings, items after regreshing the page.
You cannot edit the items defined in files via the GUI, though. This is indicated by the small “lock” symbol behind the item label.

for me it’s not. it was all fine in OH 2.5. same like on your side. create a new file in folder, refresh page, sitemap is there. on OH3 i can’t see any changes at all, made in my openHAB-conf folder. its weird and thats why i am so confused with OH3…

That I can understand. But as it is working in my installation I don’t think it is a general issue rather than something that is not working as expected in your setup.
I can’t pinpoint that for you. Would that be my issue in my setup I would try to have a “clean” system: shutting down OH, maybe do a cache cleanup (“sudo openhab-cli clean-cache”, followed by a “sudo openhab-cli reset-ownership”), reboot and check again.
In OH2.x it was necessary sometimes to stop/start the OH service a few times before it worked normal again after a cache cleaning, I have no experience with OH3 in that respect.

thank you stefan for your toughts. already tried a lot of stuff you already mentioned, without luck. the thing with openhabian is, that it always reverts back to “stable” branch and i don’t know why. Also java did not get installed. openhabian is on 1.6.1.xxx and i don’t get the 1.6.2, which should be already out, i think? and in my first test run to upgrade to OH3, i got one error with Frontail, after lots of trial/error and after a Fix Permissions, i saw lots of openhab2 stuff going on and afterwards all my things, items had a lock. looked like the permissions went back to oh2 stuff.

then i cloned the image of a fully working OH2.5 again and all the updates/upgrades worked well. (beside that the branch still reverts back to “stable” not “OH3”, the frontail install via openhabian-config still fails, java didn’t get installed) and again, all changes i make in openHAB-conf folder via Visual Studio Code are not updating in OH3. its very frustrating and confusing so far.

i think i will start with a clean OH3 install and hope that all the stuff will work later on, as they should. but this means a lot of work and i do not understand why the upgrade on my side do not work. yeah, thats my impression with OH3, so far. and i have not done too much in OH 2.5, just regular stuff.

Cannot help with openhabian because I do not use it currently and have no experience with OH under these circumstances. Maybe @mstormi can help you.

Maybe, but he dislikes being pinged. Don’t ping others, most feel annoyed or offended by that action.
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