OH 3 - Sitemap Text Config

Hello all,

Testing out OpenHAB 3 on a spare raspberry pi, started small with just the astro and openweathermap bindings. I am trying to re-create my sitemap from OpenHAB 2.5 on this machine in the “code” tab rather than the “design” tab, but I cannot seem to figure out a couple of things:

  1. Is it no longer possible to set the visibility on a sitemap? Here is the code for my OH3 sitemap so far:
sitemap page_be959b8a49 label="~Home~" {
    Frame icon="temperature" label="Weather" {
        Text icon="sun" label="Season" item=Astro_Season
        Group icon="sun_clouds" label="Weather" item=Weather {
            Switch icon="sun_clouds" label=":" item=Chart_Period_W service="OpenWeatherMap" period="Day" mappings=[0="Temp",1="Pressure",2="Humidity",3="Wind Speed",4="UV Index"]
            Chart icon="temperature" label="Temperature" item=OW_RockCounty_TempC

I get an error when I try to add the following to the last line…

  1. Is it possible to replace the default icons? I copied all of my svg icons from my OH2.5 icons folder to the OH3 icons folder, but no dice, its not working…

Any help would be appreciated!


As far as i know visiblility, valuecolor und labelcolor are not supported yet. There is an issue on that open: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-webui/issues/324

@Dibbler42, Thanks for the heads up on the open issue. One issue to put on hold I guess, now to figure out the icon thing!

To your second question. Custom icons should work like before, at least they do in my OH3 instance (build 1972). Even if its obvious, I think… your icons are stored in ‘…/openhab/icons/classic/’ correct?

Another idea would be, that they need to be owned by the openhab user?!

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@RGroll, Yes, I have them in the /openhab/icons/classic folder and they are all owned by openhab… However, the only icons that changed were the ones that are new, not existing icons. For example, the motion icon is the system default icon, not the new one that I created. Seems to me, the system does not like my .svg files and will only use .png files.


  • could it be that it is a caching problem of the browser ?
  • have you tried shift+refresh ?

@Wolfgang_S, I tried clearing the cache and rebooting, still get the same result… but now that the system has been rebooted, it will not bring up my sitemap, just a blank page… which was working prior to the reboot. The code is still there and showing no errors.


You have used different filenames?
Are the icons you expect to see assigned by Item definition or by sitemap widget? (suspecting like valuecolor this is a missing sitemap implementation)

The file names for all of my icons are the same, I am thinking that maybe something got corrupted because I have created three other sitemaps both in designer and the code tabs, but they will not show up. I am going to see if I can re-install and start over…

I should have been clearer …

The filenames for your custom icons are different from any of the system set?
i.e. you should not use a custom icon motion.svg because a built in one already exists.

Likewise, are you selecting icon in your sitemap widget or in the Item definition?
Selection in sitemap -
Text item=blah icon=bleh ...
or in Item definition
Switch myItem "blah" <bleh> ...
or using the UI for Item editing.

No on the icons, in OH2.5 I deleted everything in my icons/classic folder and replaced all of the system icons with my custom ones, so they are named the same as the system icons. All of my icons are defined in the *.items file. I just tried to change the icon file name to something completely different than the system name and changed the item file and removed all references in the sitemap code. Still no change after restarting OH3.


Won’t work. The system icons are built in, and do not reside in the icons folder.

I tried it the way you suggested, renamed the icons that I are currently identified in my *.items files, but that did not work either.

Don"t forget you must have a file someicon.svg to use dynamic icons like someicon-on.svg

Don’t forget there are constraints on icon file names, all lowercase, no hyphen except for dynamic use.

Please give actual examples to save all this speculation.

What are you actually looking at, your new sitemap in BasicUI, or the new UI, or?

If the item based selection does not work have you tried widget based?

I figured out the icons, my *.svg icons were 64x64 and OH3 just does not like them. However, having my *.png icons renamed and defined in the sitemap code page works. The custom icons don’t work if they are only defined in the *.items file.


This is strange and shouldn´t be like that I assume. You could open up an issue on this here: