OH 3 Tips and Tricks


Switch Garage_Gate {channel="xxx", autoupdate="false"}

See here:

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Is there an option to perform live update for a chart by setting “refresh” as in OH3. So far I could not figure out a way to get a chart to display in real time (automatic refresh) in OH3. I’ve tried to enter refresh manually in the chart code but I could not see any effect. Is it supported in OH3?

Thanks @Fritz for your great copy solution. Through this I don’t have to click 4 identical shellies, connected via mqtt, with 12 channels for each.

Only one hint for the put action, if you use a group-item.

You get all linked members in the output and can search/replace. But the PUT items action will only create the one outer item from the pasted json, not the members :frowning:

For this my workaround was:

  • copy all member objects from replaced json
  • paste it (with last comma) above of the line “members”: [
  • paste the whole json between the square brackets of the PUT items json

So you can create all items of this group with one json.