OH 3 UI - Custom Tabbed page on Overview

Hello everyone,
im relatively new to openHAB but got very far thanks to the good documentation!

One thing i did not find:
Is it possible, to
convert the overview-page in OH 3 UI with custom tabs?
get the app/webinterface to a point where it opens a configured tabbed page instead of the automatic generated overview

This way i could create my own tabs like Overview/Functions/Logging/…

Maybe i missed something, but could not find anything …

Thanks a lot in advance

An individual page can not be set as a default page. Simply call that page from by URL:

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OK thank you!

So i think there is no possibility for the Android app, to open my custom page when opening the app.
It will always be opening the overview page.

Thanks a lot!

Yes thats too bad. Couldnt figure out any way to do that too. Hope that will change i future


maybe the starting URL can be configured by changing the property of start_url in this file

However, I have no idea where the file is

Agree, would be good to somehow change the default overview page by a own created page…