OH 3 UI in own openhab cloud

Hello. I have own openhab cloud server. When I want to connect to my server, I see main page of cloud. I had same issue with myopenhab.org, but I changed url to home.myopenhab.org, and it worked.

Will it work with own cloud server? I updated cloud.

Push notifications are unavailable on home.myopenhab.org, so I proposed a PR that uses home.myopenhab.org for the openHAB 3 UI when myopenhab.org is configured: Fix OH3 UI on myopenHAB by mueller-ma · Pull Request #2387 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

I don’t know how it works on custom cloud instances.

I’m curious to know the issue you had as I still get an ‘Internal Server Error’ page anytime I login.

main page) like in own openhabcloud

I solve some issues, now it work for me