OH 3 "visibility" option in sitemaps

Hello all,

within the text-based sitemap configuration of OH 2.5 I heavily used the “visibility” option in the sitemap to make it dynamic.

How can this option be used in the GUI based sitemap configuration of OH3?

Thanks for your answers.


  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel Atom/x64/2GB RAM/32 GB eMMC
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu JRE 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0
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I’ve migrated to OH3 a few hours ago and do not see a difference. I use the visibility option to switch between different time periods in charts and it works the same as in OH 2.x

Yes but do you still use your “old” text-based sitemap configuration?

After migration I did a “cleanup” of my whole configuration including building a new sitemap with the GUI since item names changed etc.

My question is where to put the visibility option in the GUI configuration of the sitemap.


I am still using the textual configuration. I did not understand your real issue. My apologies.
Can’t help (yet) with your GUI issue, sorry

No issue!
I think it will take some time until the documentation level of OH3 reaches the maturity of the former version…

Using the “Sitemap Builder” in MainUI does not support the visibility option.

That is indeed a pity. Compared to before, I would call that a regression. The option is very useful. For example: I do not need to see the 'option for the color temperature of a lamp as long as it is not switched on…

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An issue is already open for that. But I don’t know what is the priority for our UI developer, probably not at top.

Maybe in 3.1 or 3.2 or any other else version. Unfortunately there is no roadmap :slight_smile:

It could be tomorrow if someone with the required capabilities is available and volunteer to implement that missing feature.

Indeed it complexifies the grammar to parse these client side, as well as the serailization/deserialization in the json db significantly so it’s not supported for now. I don’t use these features so low incentive for me to invest time in those.

That always depends. I have used this intensively in the 2.x to keep the sitemap well arranged and to hide “unnecessary” options.

But a question about compexity: since the option for “legacy” sitemaps is still supported, the basic logic in the code seems to be still there…


Hi, could you please copy here your code for visibility con OH3?

As @ysc said: the option is not supported in OH3.
Or do you talk about the visibility in textual configuration? In this case the whole sitemap has to be placed in a text config.


I still use sitemap files and the “old” visibility options as we know them from OH 2.x

I would love to drop site maps and just use pages but for things such as the Kodi binding visibility shows different channels/items depending on media type (title/series, artist etc depending on music or video) in 2.5

I can’t see how to have points on items in cards without heaps of null irrelevant items showing or not having all the info?