OH 4.0.1 - Netatmo - Indoor CO2 value not correct (and not refreshing)

I need some advice for how to handle Units of Measurement. The description is lacking some good examples in my opinion or I am not intelligent enough to understand it. :smiley:
This is my problem:
Currently my Indoor Co2 value shown on my manually created Sitemap is 597000000 ppm and I wonder how I can change the value to be correct.
This is my item setup:

Number:Dimensionless   Netatmo_Indoor_CO2            "Wohnzimmer CO2 [%d ppm]"                 <carbondioxide>   (OG_Wohnzimmer)  { channel = "netatmo:weather-station:home:inside:airquality#co2" }

This is the same setting I can find in the Netatmo Binding description
The Things configuration is matching the example given in the Binding description.

Bridge netatmo:account:home "Netatmo Account" [clientId="6...b", clientSecret="o...", refreshToken="5..."] {
    Bridge weather-station inside "Netatmo Inside" [id="70:ee:..."] {
        outdoor outside   "Outside Module" [id="02:00:.."] {
        rain rainModule        "Netatmo Rain"    [id="05:00:..."] {

My sitemap is similar to what the example in the description is (but I don’t change the color based on the value).

Has anyone see such a wrong value as well? In VA Cosw when I hover over the item name it does not show me a value, but a bunch of channel related values (e.g. "70:ee…temperature (Indoor) 70:ee…noise (Indoor) …)

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?

This works for me:

Number:Dimensionless nIndoorCO2 "Indoor CO2 [%d %unit%]" {channel="netatmo:weather-station:home:indoor:airquality#co2", unit="ppm"}

@ranielsen Thanks, this helped a bit. I now see

597 one

in the app
with this item configuration:

Number:Dimensionless   Netatmo_Indoor_CO2  "Wohnzimmer CO2  [%d %unit%]" <carbondioxide>   (OG_Wohnzimmer)  { channel = "netatmo:weather-station:home:inside:airquality#co2", unit="ppm" }

It still seems not to update the item and I have no idea why it puts “one” as the Unit now. I see “one” in an other case as well. Even when I remove the unit from the definition again it shows it as ‘one’.

The problem has been resolved.
My suspicion is that because of my update to OH 4.0.1 the refresh token I had configured in my Thing file was incorrect. With this the binding seem to have some trouble working with an old stored item.
I now decided to move the Netatmo Thing to the UI (making use of the same ID’s I had originally set up in the Thing file). This seems to work very well and hopefully will avoid trouble in future.
Thanks still for the hint @ranielsen as this was kind of helping me to figure out the root cause.