OH 4.0.4 createTimerWithArgument has been deprecated


I am currently migrating my rules from OH3.4 to OH4 and with one of my most favorite rules & uses cases I got the warning mentioned above.

I want to get a reminder after 10 minutes, if windows are still open.
In OH I have put all my window items into a group, triggered a rule “if a member of the group changed from CLOSED to OPEN” and started a timers. The trick was to have A) the item name as the name of the timer, therefore I could have multiple timer scheduled with the same rule and B) passing the event item to the timer, so that I could access the event information from within the timer

Sample code from OH3:

if (event.itemState == 'OPEN') {
    if (typeof this.timers === 'undefined') {
      this.timers = [];
    if (typeof this.timers[String(event.itemName) + '_Timer'] === 'undefined' || this.timers[String(event.itemName) + '_Timer'].hasTerminated()) {
      this.timers[String(event.itemName) + '_Timer'] = scriptExecution.createTimerWithArgument(zdt.now().plusMinutes(intialDuration),event, function (event) {
        notificationText = 'Please close the Window: ' + String(itemRegistry.getItem(event.itemName).getLabel());
        if (typeof this.timers[(String(event.itemName) + '_Timer')] !== 'undefined') { this.timers[(String(event.itemName) + '_Timer')].reschedule(zdt.now().plusMinutes(rescheduleDuration)); }
} else if (event.itemState == 'CLOSED') {
  if (typeof this.timers[(String(event.itemName) + '_Timer')] !== 'undefined') {
    this.timers[(String(event.itemName) + '_Timer')].cancel();
    this.timers[(String(event.itemName) + '_Timer')] = undefined;

For OH4 I can run the following code successfully, however get a warning that the createTimerWithArgument function is deprecated:

"createTimerWithArgument" has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use "createTimer" or "setTimeout" instead.
        if (cache.private.exists(String(event.itemName)) === false || cache.private.get(String(event.itemName)).hasTerminated()) {
          cache.private.put(String(timer_name), actions.ScriptExecution.createTimerWithArgument(String(timer_name), time.ZonedDateTime.now().plusSeconds(5),event, function (event) {

As the regular createTimer function will not work for my usecase, from current perspective I could only use setTimeout(functionRef, delay, param1) to have the original event object available in the timer.


  1. Is there any other recommendation beside using setTimeout to pass additional parameters to the timer? Do I miss something?
  2. Is there any chance that createTimerWithArgument is not getting deprecated and this decission will be reviewed?
  3. If answer to #2 is no, is there a timeline, when this function will be removed?

Maybe see this: EMCA 5.1: Parameter for function with createTimer - #3 by rlkoshak
For the history, see this thread: [Js Scripting] Why are we deprecated createTimer?

Documented here: GitHub - openhab/openhab-js: openHAB JavaScript Library for JavaScript Scripting Automation see the " Pass variables using a function generator" section.

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Thanks, that’s super helpful.
I have searched the forum before but missed this