OH 4.1 Slider Card shows wrong value

OH 4.1 M1 on Syn NAS docker

For a new zigbee light I use a OH slider card to adjust the On-time of the light, which works okay. The only problem I have is that after setting the slider the item gets updated but the dot, indicating the current value, jumps back to the max scale value.
Scale : 5 to 20 , unit : min

If you leave the unit parameter empty (default is s), it works as desired.

You should be able to make this work even without using the default units. But it’s going to require customizing the parameters on the slider by setting a “default list item widget” and “default standalone widget”.

Rich, that doesn‘t make any difference. I think, there is simply a fault in the new widget. While calculating the new value it considers the different unit, but by displaying the new value it uses the default unit which ends in being out of scale limits

Workaround - display the value in the footer

You need to specify both, unit of the item (in items definition) and the unit to use with the widget (in widget/yaml definition) to have the same dimension. The former you didn’t.

Thanks, it works when both ( unit and widget) have the same unit( min-> minute). But what kind of sense does it make , if you can‘t use different units like second and minutes?
I think you use the wrong unit to calculate the position of the slider

Item is mm, widget is m → slider stays right side
Item is m, widget is mm → slider stays left side

But the item always gets the right value

I don’t understand your point. You can use different units and even auto conversion in rules.
You can also build your own custom widget to behave like you want it, but for the generic (standard) widget you’re using now that isn’t how that’s designed. It does make sense to have it like that as the default.