Oh-input-card with type datepicker


I have an item which accepts datetime commands. To provide a widget for sending commands I configured an oh-input-card as follows:

- component: oh-input-card
                        item: HydrawiseControllerRegi_Allzones_Suspenduntil
                        type: datepicker
                        sendButton: true
                        title: Alle Zonen aussetzen bis
                        clearButton: true
                          locale: de
                          timePicker: true
                          dateFormat: dd.mm.yyyy HH::mm:ss

What’s not working with this widget is the send button. Clicking it does not result in an event.

My plan is to transform the commands emitted by this widget, but I need to get something emitted in the first place. Ideas?


I think you need type: date instead of type: datepicker. Datepicker is not one of the recognized f7 input types.

@JustinG hm ok, that is unfortunate. I mean with datepicker one gets a time picker in addition plus custom formatting:

Is there anything to achieve this without having to configure two widgets and an appropriate rule?

I believe that would be datetime-local. If you checkout the oh-input-card doc page there is a link to the f7 page that gives you the various f7 input types that are recognized.

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