two questions related about oh-knob-cell:

  1. how can I show this stanard “popup” by clicking on the card (instead of clicking three dots)?
  2. can I change the color bar of this standard popup to make it linear gradient?

thanks in advance

This should be the default behavior. The cell only adds the three dots to open the popup when there is some other action assigned to clicking on the card instead. Check to see if you have anything in the action key for the cell.

I do not believe that is supported by the underlying f7-gauge component.

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The underlying component here isn’t part of the f7-framework - it’s a custom component based on this one:

- component: oh-knob-cell
    item: YourItem
    primaryColor: "#E844C3"
    secondaryColor: "#E7B6DC"
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Hi Justin,
Aaaaah. I thought I have to provide
action: command
to make it work. my fault.
many thanks

Hey Rainer, but that just provides two diskrete colors.
I am thinking more of -linear-gradient() property, but don‘t know where to apply it

Sry didn’t recognized the linear-gradient part - as Justin wrote, this isn’t supported right now as you have to change / add elements the svg element, which isn’t possible out-of-the-box.

What could work is to completely recreate the logic of this component by building up an own svg-element and applying the component logic to it (including the linear-gradient part) - but this is a more sophisticated project then.

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