Oh-label-card trigger three actions / change three items

Good morning from New Zealand. Winter here so Openhab configuring session :slight_smile:

Trying to setup a panel for controlling my heatpump via echonet lite. Have the basic’s working but was wondering if the following is possible:

  • Using a oh-label-card, is it possible on selection to trigger two or more actions?
  • What I want to happen is on the selection of the ‘Heating’ label I want three actions commands for the following items: Heatpump_Opearation_Status = ON, Heatpump_Opearation_Mode = Heating, Heatpump_Tempature_Set = 24

I could do this via a rule, but wondering if it’s possible to have an expression in the Label’s ‘actionCommand’ that allows for multiple actions?

In this case I would recommend a rule, but there is a non-rule solution:

Thanks for the link! Think my searching was too specific to label widgets when this applies to all widgets. Rule it is.