Oh-list-item drops "after" content on Android app, sometimes

I have a oh-list-card, which contains 9 components, 2 oh-list-items and 7 oh-label-items (code after screenshots).
The list items use a Label in the :after slot to display a value (thermostat reading), and have an action to raise a popup showing thermostat details.
It works great on a desktop browser (Chrome), and sometimes works as expected on the Android app (3.4.0, OH server is 3.3.0), but sometimes, the value is dropped from the display (first screenshot). It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, and I haven’t found a pattern yet. In landscape mode, it is the same – although more frequently shows the value, I think. In landscape mode, the second list (starting with “Hot Water Circ.”) displays to the right of the first list, as it does in desktop.
Phone is a Pixel 5 running Android 13.
On the desktop, I can make the browser narrower, all the way down to where Chrome won’t go any further, without making this happen – I do see the breakpoints (33%, 50%, 100%) activating as the screen size gets smaller.

Is there a better way to do this, or something I have off that’s provoking this behavior?

Once I have this debugged, I intend to turn it into a widget to reduce repetition.

Android view:

Desktop (left side)

Code for list (last few label-items omitted for brevity):

component: oh-list-card
  simpleList: false
  mediaList: true
    - component: oh-list-item
        title: Living Room
        icon: material:living
        action: popup
        actionModal: widget:E_thermostat
          statName: Living Room
          statTemp: ThermostatMainFloor_ActualTemperature
          setpoint: ThermostatMainFloor_DesiredHeat
          statHumidity: ThermostatMainFloor_ActualHumidity
          sensor1Name: Thermostat
          trendItem: ThermostatMainFloor_ActualTemperature
          statEquipmentStatus: ThermostatMainFloor_EquipmentStatus
          sensor1Temp: =items.E_LivingRoom_sensorMainFloor.state
          sensor1Occ: =items.E_MainFloor_occ.state
          sensor1InUse: =items.E_LivingRoom_sensorMainFloorInUse.state
          sensor2Name: Living Room
          sensor2Temp: =items.ThermostatSensorLivingRoom_SensorTemperature.state
          sensor2Occ: =items. ThermostatSensorLivingRoom_SensorOccupancy.state
          sensor2InUse: =items.E_LivingRoom_sensorLivingRoomInUse.state
          sensor3Name: Upstairs
          sensor3Temp: =items.E_LivingRoom_sensorUpstairs.state
          sensor3Occ: =items.E_upstairsHallOcc.state
          sensor3InUse: =items.E_LivingRoom_sensorUpstairsInUse.state
          thermostatConnected: ThermostatMainFloor_Connected
          - component: Label
              text: =items.ThermostatMainFloor_ActualTemperature.state
                color: "=((items.ThermostatMainFloor_EquipmentStatus.state == 'auxHeat1'
                  ||items.ThermostatMainFloor_EquipmentStatus.state ==
                  ||items.ThermostatMainFloor_EquipmentStatus.state == 'heating'
                  ) ? 'orange' : 'white')"
    - component: oh-list-item
        title: Office
        icon: material:piano
        action: popup
        actionModal: widget:E_thermostat
          statName: Office
          thermostatConnected: ThermostatOffice_Connected
          statTemp: ThermostatOffice_ActualTemperature
          setpoint: ThermostatOffice_DesiredHeat
          trendItem: =items.ThermostatCave_ActualTemperature.state
          statHumidity: ThermostatOffice_ActualHumidity
          statEquipmentStatus: ThermostatOffice_EquipmentStatus
          sensor1Name: Thermostat
          sensor1Temp: =items['ThermostatSensorOffice_SensorTemperature'].state
          sensor2Name: Powder Room
          sensor2Temp: =items.ThermostatSensorPowderRoom_SensorTemperature.state
          sensor2InUse: =items. ThermostatSensorPowderRoom_SensorInUse.state
          sensor2Occ: =items. ThermostatSensorPowderRoom_SensorOccupancy.state
          sensor1InUse: =items.ThermostatSensorOffice_SensorInUse.state
          sensor1Occ: =items. ThermostatSensorOffice_SensorOccupancy.state
          - component: Label
              text: =items.ThermostatOffice_ActualTemperature.state
                color: "=((items.ThermostatOffice_EquipmentStatus.state == 'auxHeat1'
                  ||items.ThermostatOffice_EquipmentStatus.state ==
                  'auxHeat1,fan' ||items.ThermostatOffice_EquipmentStatus.state
                  == 'heating' ) ? 'orange' : 'white')"
    - component: oh-label-item
        item: E_Master_actualTemperature
        title: Master Bedroom
        icon: material:bedroom_parent
    - component: oh-label-item
        item: E_Studio_actualTemperature
        title: Studio
        icon: material:view_quilt
    - component: oh-label-item
        action: analyzer
        actionAnalyzerCoordSystem: time
          - GuestRoomSensor_Sensortemperature
        item: GuestRoomSensor_Sensortemperature
        title: Guest Room
        icon: material:bedroom_child

I suspect the value is still being displayed, you just don’t see it. You don’t see it because there are situations where you are setting the text white while there is a white background.

Try replacing white with var(--f7-text-color).


It works fine in dark mode. So the pattern was that it works in the evening, but not daytime… I’ll change the white to a gray like the other items have.