Oh-location-card number item format and color

Hello, I’m looking for it with the new OH3 UI, here in the case of “oh-location-card” I’m at a loss as to the function available for this type of UI element, I can’t get through my research find a list of what we can do in it, how we can format, add texts and / or elements.
in this case I wanted to add my production and my electric consumption to the “place” page, I would like to format in color according to the values, to make a new line in the expression, but how to find the specific documentation? the “cell” accepts the “footer” the “location” not exc … how to know?
thank you in advance for your help

here the code :slight_smile:

component: oh-location-card
  backgroundSize: cover
  backgroundImage: /static/newhouse.jpg
    filter: brightness(60%)
  background-size: cover
  badges: true
  subtitle: "='Cons: ' + items.OpenhabNucRemote_ItemZWaveNode019ZW095EnergyConsToday.displayState + ' Kwh '+' / Prod: ' + items.OpenhabNucRemote_ItemCumulativeEnergyProdSum.displayState + ' Kwh'"
  invertText: false
slots: null


You cannot make many modifications to the cards that are generated for the tabs on the overview page. These cards are generated by the UI outside the scope of the rest of the custom widget functions.

There is documentation of the few things you can modify with these cards:

Thanks a lot for your reply, I go to read now thanks

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