OH MainUI Map - Marker Tooltip Permanent Display


Is it possible to configure the marker on Map page without changing the code such that:

  1. Permanently enable tooltip display
  2. Double click instead of single click to perform action?


Alas, I am reasonably sure the answer to the first question is no.

I am quite certain the answer to the second question is no.

The markers on the maps use the vue and js leaflet libraries. So most of what the UI can do is just pass the properties through to those libraries.



I had similar issue and if you do not need variable marker, but have fixed positions, there is maybe an easy workaround.

I wanted to show gasprices at the gas stations close to my home.

As these locations of the gas stations do not change and the map would always be fixed, I used a screenshot of the map and created a floorplan with the image.

re 1)

if this is what you mean (this tooltip on my floorplan is always on):