OH not running after update


I’am using a rpi4-4GB and run it with openhabian Image. In the beginning, I set it up to OH2.5M6 and infused all backups from my old 2.4 Installation. As I am having some issues with MQTT-Data not being updated in sitemap and even doesnt seam to hear the items (telling is ok) I just moved to the brandnew - And theh. OH stopped working… Sind theupgrade, Nothing has been updated in Events.log and openhab.log. Webside soesnt work either…

Tried several reboots. SD-Card is reachable from Windows through Network (LAN). Just a miss-release which will be upgraded soon or did I dosomething wrong?

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You did not wait until the official announcement. That is a bad release.

Just have look here. There are still some issues.

Thanks for reply. Till now, I never looked at the announcements before upgrading. As every Milestone of 2.5 was working quiet well, I did not hesitate to install the final “stable” build when it came out.

Do you think the Problems will be fixed if I wait a couple of days and then upgrade to a new “Stable” Version? Or might some Things be seriously broken?

As of my Point of view, the official announcements is out now, so we are able to install the working 2.5.0 - or is it still broken? But still, this morning (3 hours ago) an upgrade showed my, that I am allready on Or is an early broken and now a stable out there, so I just have do downgrade and upgrade again?

Sorry for my dumb questions :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to donwgrade and then upgrade again, as the version numbers did not change.

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Perfect! Thanks for your Reply. And then, everything will be correct? Or will there be still issues due to corrupted data caused by the bad Version?

To which Version do I have to downgrade? 2.5RC1 was my last Version. Or du I have to get back to 2.4?



Going back to RC1 should be enough.

Actually, you should now be able to upgrade to 2.5 stable.

Thanks a lot.

I downgraded to actually and the upgraded again automatically to stable. Despite some little issues (which occur since my transfortmation to RPI4 - will be discussed in another thread), its now worklich like a charm!

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