Oh-plan-marker - Simply change the color of an icon

Has someone an Idea what syntax is neccecary to change the colour of my F7 icon?
→ I have tried and read many things, but nothing really works…
→ When the colour change works, then I would try to change the Icon by the state of my Item if possible.

component: oh-plan-marker
  coords: 220.7853332824764,460.86258889060605
  name: OG Bad Radio
  icon: f7:hifispeaker
  iconUseState: false
  item: OG_Bad_Radio
  action: toggle
  actionItem: OG_Bad_Radio
  actionCommandAlt: OFF
  actionCommand: ON
  iconSize: 30
    ? (OG_Bad_Radio.state) == ON) ? "red"
    ? (OG_Bad_Radio.state) == OFF) ? "green"
  default: []

What means the UI here by “use experssion for dynamic colours”?

→ Also the documentation is not that useful for a beginner…

The most common expression that you’ll use in this case comes in the form of:

(Test expression) ? value if test expression is true : value if test expression is false

To set an expresion in any of the widget fields or code you have to start that value with an = so that the widget parser knows you aren’t just typing something that it should copy directly. So your expression here should be:

=(items.OG_Bad_Radio.state == 'ON') ? 'red' : 'green'

The couple of extra pieces here are:

  1. items - to get the state of an item in a widget expression you have to use this special items object
  2. 'ON' - all the item states are stored in the items object as strings. The widget parser thinks ON is a variable named ON which doesn’t exist, so that’s not what your looking for, but 'ON' is the text equivalent of the state you are testing against.
  3. : - if you were typing this directly into the code page or widget developer the colon in this expression would confuse the YAML parser because colons have the important meaning of dividing a property name and it’s value. To fix this oyu would have to enclose the entire expression (= and all) in another set of quite different than what you used to the pieces inside the expression. I used single quotes ' for the expression strings, so I’d have to put double quotes " around the expression. YOu don’t have to do this when you are using the widget settings dialog, it will do that for you automatically.
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Thank you for explaining me this syntax in understandable words…
→ Now it works well.

And I’m also able to change the icon, if the state is changed.

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