OH Rule on Android Homscreen

Hello all,

Has someone an idea, what can I bring an rule from my OH 2.5 on my Android Homescreen? to let it run.

Cool, if some has an idea?


You mean show a switch Item to trigger the rule?
What solutions have you already considered?


I have already Things (Powerswitches) via Openhab Android on my home screen.
So I can switch on/off the plugs.

Now I want to run NG rules also as a one “touch soltions” from my Android home screen desktop.
If have search for any possibility, but I was not able to bring the rule on my Mobile.

I want to have a icon on my homescreen to start a rule.


If you mean CREATE NG Rules I do not think that is currently an option. Remember, NG Rules are still considered beta on 2.5.

Let’s hope one’s more on OH 3.0 in 2021…
Alternative I have a created a “bookmark” to the NG rule homepage on my OH installation.
I have ~30 rules and need all the time scrolle down then to find the right rule that I can start it.


Hi, you can create a switch Item and Trigger the rule by any change of this switch… You must create for any rule a seperate switch.


Perfect. Nearly.
It’s not nice from Status point of view as all the other switches on the homescreen. (Icons)
BUT it works. Best workaround so far.
–> One touch and all my lights go on. And a other touch and all went off. The same for the Garage and the house door.


You also can make a switch group and put all light into this group, so you can turn all light on an off with only one „switch“…

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