Oh-stepper-card item text


My question is short, and I haven’t been able to figure out this on my own, or find a solution for it.

With that out of the way, is it possible to add to the oh-stepper-card text which is between the buttons.
I am changing time setpoints and instead of 18 I want it to show 18:00.

          - component: oh-stepper-card
              title: Darbadiena Rīta ieslēgšanās laiks
              color-theme: blue
              item: =(props.DBRN)
              large: false
              autorepeat: false
              round: true
              min: 0


Not really. The f7 stepper component does support this but only through passing a function to the component, which, to my knowledge, the yaml interface doesn’t really support.

Your best bet would be to hide the value in the middle of the stepper and just add a label in front of the stepper that uses the item state value which you can then format however you choose.

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