OH supported Wifi sensor that reports battery level

I want to re purpose a wifi sensor to measure motorcycle battery voltage level.
The sensor requirement is that it must report battery level, and I am going to wire this in with a voltage divider and big capacitor for impedance matching, so it will be on the same voltage as 2AAA or whatever it is expecting.
I just found a clone of the gocomma on Amazon that’s discussed in a different thread, and I also see this on Tasmota: D06 Contact Sensor Template for Tasmota
Ideally, I want this to work without having to reflash, and would like to know if there are door/window/any wifi sensor that’s already supported in OH that reports battery status.
I don’t want Z-wave, because it doesn’t seem to like moving sensors messing up its topology. I don’t have any other gateways.
I am perfectly comfortable and already use MQTT with my Sonoff devices, so that’s also acceptable in lieu of native OH support.

Just for curiousity. If you don’t apply load to the battery during the measurement, the reported voltage is not really reliable,is it?

It should be reliable enough for the purposes of determining if a charge is needed.
I have so many ridiculous vehicles, like a moped, motorcycle, man-lift, golf cart. Everything with a battery, and I’m always replacing batteries because they go unused without charging for too long. Relying on someone to put them on the maintainer after use hasn’t worked.