OH Synology Docker VS & conf files management

I have succesfully install OH2 in a Synology Docker, all worked fine; so far, I have mapped a share drive to copy the conf files from the container, I edit them in the share folder and later I copy then to the docker OH conf folder. VS works fine but it is limited to the share folder, it connects to the OH and the extension works fine. As a noob, I could’n’t find a way to directly edit the files to avoid the double step of copy what i edit in the share folder. Is there anyway in the Synology docker OH to share the drive directly as it is done in a non docker synology install?

Not sure if I understand your problem correct. What do you mean by docker conf folder?

Have you created folders that are mounted in the container or is the conf just within the container?

If this is the case all your conf will be lost on recreating the container.

What I have done and what works just perfect is.

  • created a shared folder on Synology for the conf
  • mount this folder in the container with docker run or docker-compose
  • edit all conf remotely with vsc by accessing the shared folder

No need to copy and paste any files and really easy to backup with Synology Hyperbackup

Thanks for your answer. I realized that I tried that with the whole “openhab” directory instead of only the “conf” folder and that’s why I got into trouble which restarted eternaly the container. Just doing as you said with the conf folder works perfectly!!!Thanks!!!

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