OH, Threads, and Java Project Loom

I have just finished a year developing in Spring Boot WebClient.
All i can say is i cannot wait until Project Loom (link to Loom wiki) is GA in a LTS JDK release.
I think it will put a bullet into the brain of “Reactive programming”.

So, as of now in JDK 19, Virtual Threads is in “Preview” and Structured Concurrency is in “Incubation”.
Not exactly GA in a LTS release.

I have read here that long running threads can be a problem for OH, not that I have experienced it.

OH has zero chance of implementing a reactive implementation.
When would the community look to embracing virtual threads and structured concurrency?
I’d like to participate.

It depends on when you read this and in what context. Long running rules could be a problem in OH 3 under certain circumstances since each ru ok e gets only a single thread and you can send up with high latency between event and the rule running. On OH 1 and 2 they could be really bad because all rules shared threads from a thread pool, and there pool was relatively small. So too many long running rules could use up the pool and no rules could run.

But these only had to do with rules writers. I know of no problems with long running threads on add-ons or in core.

I believe the JDK that is targeted for OH 4 is 17. Per policy, OH sucks to the LTS versions of Java. So if these are features only available in later Java versions, it’ll probably be OH 5 before they can be taken advantage of.