OH with Proxmox

Hi there,

I would like to give Proxmox a try. (Currently I run OH 2.5 on Raspi 3b with SSD).
I have an Intel NUC i5 with 8GB and 128 GB SSD.

Is it possible to set up Openhabian with OH3 as container? Are there any issues concerning USB dongles (like Aeon Z-Wave stick).
Most of the tutorials recommend VMs … but CT seems to be more convenient when it comes to backup and resources.

That makes no sense openHABian does not use containers. openHAB does run in Docker though.

In fact, Proxmox provides LXC as Container platform.

openHABian is a set of scripts which will provide a comfortable way to install openHAB and many additional software.

I’m using openHAB with great success within a LCX container based on debian10, Configuration folder is shared via ZFS to another LCX Container which is used as a share.
I’m using openHABian in the LCX container as todayy this is a very common way to install openHAB.
Of course it’s not a standard installation, but I know my Proxmox :wink:

Having OH3 as a container within openHABian is what made no sense to me.

I have used docker and portainer

Every layer you add to your system increases the time it takes to do something.

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Then why add portainer when Docker works fine by itself?

Isn’t portainer just a management tool

I don’t use them in my production environment just when testing

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Sounds promising - so you’ve installed Debian 10 first and then Java and OH via apt?
As described here

The LXC will install a certain Debian install, not the ISO; once its finished you can enable SSH and configure it as if were a Pi.

I recommend bumping the resources while you are doing most of the work and then lower them, anytime I have to work on my Pi-hole (upgrades as an example) is seems to take ages but runs 256 MB of memory. :slight_smile:

I’m using Proxmox but encountered some problems when experimenting with LXC containers. I finally decided to use a VM running Ubuntu server and installed openHAB from the repository.

Yes, I‘m using the standard Debian 10.0 ct template, right after that do an apt update/apt full-upgrade/apt install sudo/adduser [mypreferreduser], after that login via ssh (which is installed already).
The next step is to manually install openHABian (as described in the docs) and finally install openHAB through openHABian.
Of course I could do the install via apt, but with openHABian I have a similar environment like most other users…

very interesting Udo, could you be more specific?
Are you using this method, to edit the config files with an editor like Visual Studio Code?
I’m also using Proxmox with ZFS, I tried to install samba server on that openhab LXC Container so i can mount that config folders in my windows machine to edit the files.
How are you using the second LXC Container as a share, is it an Proxmox Setting or also a Samba Server?

Second, are you using USB-Devices in openhab? I have issues, passing thorugh an USB Device on LXC CTs, therefore i am considering a VM with manual installation of openhabian with oh3

thanks in advance

In question of USB Devices, I haven‘t. All my devices are bound through IP, so I don‘t need any USB device.

Samba is very easy to install to the container, in fact, I‘m using the openHABian scripts to install openHAB, as it is so comfortable.

But as I‘m using another CT for Samba anyway, I do it completely different :slight_smile:
I‘m using an additional mount point to pass the directories to the CT.
This way it‘s easier to implement another nice feature, and this is VSCode through Browser. The „normal“ option would be to link the VSCode CT via Samba, but unfortunately this is not allowed as you need a privileged CT (which will fail to start VSCode…)

I do run OH 3 (and before 2.5) in an LXC for quite a while now. Passing through a USB zigbee2mqtt stick.
All working without issues. Installed OH2.5 with openhabian and 3 without, both fine. Only tricky think can be the USB passthrough, whereas there are some detailed guides on the web. Let me know if you want to know anything.

Edit: i also had VSCode and VSCode server (separate LXC) connected to my OH2.5 instance, whereas on 3 I do not see the need anymore.

VSCode server looks very promising. Because in oh3 I would like to continue editing files, so that would be a really nice feature. As @chrismast mentioned that usb passthrough works, i personally have another concern about LXCs with openhab:
Does IP-Broadcasting work with CTs? In the past I had trouble with OH2 in a docker Container. The Hue-Emulation was not found, i could not use Upnp Audio devices as an Audio-Sink and the ekey Fingerprint Sensor wasnt found anymore. So does any of this services work with LXCs?

The reason to this might be, though I am not a docker wizard, the network used.
If the docker “host” network is used, there should be no limitations to IP discovery etc. (?).
I do run OH not in docker though, just LXC in which both IP discovery and upnp works.

thanks for the help, I tried the network = host settings already but i couldnt get any network setting to work.
Good to hear that it works with LXC